one image says it all

I have an extensive background in print design and production with a flair for illustration.

I started out in the retail marketing industry as a print production artist, working on brands including Target, Del Monte Foods, Starbucks, and HP. Following brand style guides quickly became my M.O. My abilities to sketch and create original artwork were valuable assets to my employers.

When I started a family, I decided to become an independent contractor so I could spend the majority of my time with my children. Since then, I’ve worked for clients in a wide range of industries including financial, professional development, and higher education. Many of them wanted me to join their teams as a full-time employee.

I am also currently working towards my Bachelors degree in web design so I can extend my eye for design to the medium of HTML and CSS. So far, I have gained basic front-end development skills as well as experience in video editing and animation, and can’t wait to use this new knowledge in my work.

I love the outdoors, my family, retro poster design, craftsman style architecture, and sleeping in (when I can!). I often purchase things I don’t need because I’m a sucker for nifty, printed patterns. My life is a mashup of design, kids, and everything in-between.